Sgaier in Ghana

Sgaier offers 290*290mm Straight Box Truss and Curve truss combined to form and ideal cover with plenty of hanging space for studio lighting and Sound for Ghana Concert Event show .According to Client’s request , 10m span by 8m wide with 6m high (including lifting system ) . The whole truss support loading weight is 3000kg .

The Arch Roof is a fixed construction, based on three inward-curving trusses that are mounted to side masts. Special corners connect the arches to the main grid. Different configurations are made possible by simply changing the arches. The arched trusses have a safe profile on top for fitting the optional canopy. 

Roof curve sections are joined to 2-way Corners with Sleeve block on the column which lifting the beams casual.

We made each curve section joined 4 pieces of 290*290*2750mm spigot box truss to finalize the beam as 10m span . At the same time ,Here we have used Six legs to support 15m x 8m PVC white roof canopy to achieve not collapse under wind speed 72 km/hour.  

Under ground with assemble stage 6.1m x 7.32m ,support loading weight more than 10tons which offering safe duty for dancers dancing and DJs putting equipment etc.  

Sgaier is pleased to help you together to make a creative event truss stage structures , Sgaier worth you trust and count on !