Sgaier truss with Good Comments


Nowadays , People can search truss stage supplier in every places . In that case , We are very happy to connect people from all over the world , Then we can learn different cultures from each other , countries from countries , cities from cities ,town from town . Expand knowledge and new ideas of aluminum truss stage structure come together !

Client can find lighting truss in Theater ,Concerts ,Competition music show , Performance arts , Or tradeshows, Arenas and Stadiums etc. Anywhere truss stage equipment is deployed you are likely to find aluminum event trusses. Connecting or sticking or section the trussing can be 

created a structure allow hanging with lighting fixtures ,video ,audio or other staging equipment easily. Lighting truss comes in several different lengths and when connected together ,they can create longer spans or different shapes .

Sgaier  have many loyalty clients ,One of them says he will always be sgaier’s eternal grateful !He makes lighting goal post truss to hang Led display and many lights in Chile , along surround with steel barriers to protect and keep the concert show peace and safe at the wonderful night . 



 Sgaier had cooperated with a professional supplier offer aluminum material supplier in Guangzhou , China . Aluminum alloy ,because of its durability , light weight and ease of transport , are the most optimum choice for use in Concert events stage truss production. It’s weight allows for a quick and easy install and teardown .

 For installation of truss stages that are permanent such or where high load rating are required aluminum truss is the exactly easy choice . No mater what the project , always know the load ratings of your truss and deal with professionals . All lighting stage truss to be used overhead should be engineered with published load ratings and allowable load tables .The installer can climb on truss and no worries about any risk . We will serve client from required design drawing to manufacturing truss stage structure ,and finished with testing before delivery .  


One of client from South Africa have always offer many creative ideas of establish truss structures  to us .Posted on Facebook his design , and give Sgaier a very certainly impressive comment .  He wrote that “Thank you so much, your service I’m so happy that you delivered exactly what was required from the drawing to manufacturing it, Thank you Sgaier Truss, Next order is coming soon!”  Worker install and climb on the stage truss easy and no worry any risk . How stronger sgaier truss made !




We are pleased to help you together to make a creative event truss stage structures , Sgaier worth  you trust and count on !